Latin words for the computer age

Latest update: 2023-02-15.
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This small dictionary provides a quick reference to help translating software applications from english to latin.
Whenever an exact match for the english word cannot be found, an equivalent latin word or phrase is choosen according to the following preference criteria:

  1. a word similar in sound to english; the meaning may be stretched a lot, as long as it's not totally alien from the original (e.g. EN office >> LA officina = workshop, laboratory)
  2. a word/phrase similar in sound to the equivalent word/phrase with the same meaning from a modern romance language (e.g. EN font >> ES tipo >> LA typus)
  3. a short phrase (2-3 words) unambiguosly matching the english meaning
  4. a neologism, similar in sound to english
Words of very common use (e.g. software) probably shouldn't be translated at all. Loanword may retain their original spelling in all cases (indeclinable). Anyway inflected forms are to be preferred, if reasonably "latin-sounding".

Translation hints

GUI. Most sentences in menus and dialogs should use the imperative voice: "Save" is better translated as "Serva" rather then "Servare".
The english present particle or gerund, expressing an action being performed, may be translated with a verb in the passive voice: "loading file ..." becomes "plica legitur ..." .

Proper names. Proper names may considered indeclinable; anyway an inflected form is to be preferred, in particular if:

Acronyms. The gender of an acronym is that of its main noun (GUI >> Graphica Utentis Interfacies >> feminine) even when implicit (DDR4 >> a kind of memory >> memoria >> feminine); neuter is acceptable in dubious cases. If proper declension is really required to make the latin phrase understandable, the proper ending may be postponed to the acronym (e.g. MBR of SSDs >> SSD-orum MBR).

Abbreviations, acronyms and symbols

nouns are not explicitely marked
[]the words in square bracket are optional, can be skipped if clear from context
!=separates a couple of words with opposite meaning
ind.indeclinable (and a neologism, unless differently specified)
m., f., n.masculine, feminine, neuter
nom., gen., dat., acc., abl., voc.nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, ablative, vocative
vt., vi.transitive verb, intransitive verb


adj. initialis, eadj. contextualis, e
english latin context notes
Cinnamon Cinnamon, onis n. proper name a desktop environment
Citrix Citrix, Citricis m. proper name
Linux Linux, Linucis m. proper name
GNOME GNOME, GNOMIS m. proper name a desktop environment; used to be an acronym
Nemo Nemo, Neminis m. proper name a file manager
Ubuntu Ubuntu, us n. proper name the -u ending fits well with n. 4th declension
Windows Windows m. ind. proper name do NOT translate
accept != reject recipe != repelle GUI standard dialog box
accessibility aditus [universalis], us m.; pervietas, atis f. (neo.?) GUI
accessory additamentum, i n.
account inscriptio, onis f. also: login
active != inactive adj. actuosus != exstinctus GUI
[AC] adapter [AC] altor, oris m. hardware IT: alimentatore
address web: inscriptio, onis f. [interretialis]
real life: domicilium, ii n.
net, web
animation animatio, onis f.
aperture amplitudo orificii, inis f. hardware camera
append vt. appono, is, apposui, appositum, ere filesystem
applet miniapplicatio, onis f. neo. CA: miniaplicació
application applicatio, onis f.
archive tabularium, ii, n. tar, gz, zip, ...
argument parametrum, i n. command line or function parameter
authentication comprobatio, onis f.
auto/automatic automaticus, a, um
background fundus, i m. GUI of desktop
backport vt. retroferre neo. development FR: rétroportage
backup tutum, i n.; vt. in tutum reponere see FR: sauvegarde
band spectrum, i n. hardware frequency
battery pilae [electricae] f. hardware
binding consociatio, onis f. e.g. keybinding
bit bit m. ind. bitrate: bit ratio
bitrate bit ratio, onis f. ES :tasa de bits
bookmark signaculum, i n.
boot initiatio, onis f. hardware
bootable hardware or verbal circumlocution
border margo, inis m. GUI
branch brachium, ii n. development
brand signum, i n. hardware producer of commercial products
browse v. navigare web
bug mendum, i n. development bug tracker: secutor mendorum (ES: seguimiento de errores)
bullet punctum, i n. GUI
button bulla, ae f.; boto, onis m. GUI
byte octetus, i m.; byte n. ind. FR: octet
cable ancorale, is n.; filus, i m. hardware
cache cache, cashis f. neo.
caps lock maiusculus modo hardware
calculator calculatrum, i n. hardware
card charta, ae f. hardware
charge != discharge repletio, onis f. != depletio, onis f.
vt. repleo, es, plevi, pletum, ere != vt. deplere
hardware battery
chat confabulatio, onis f. web
checksum summa probationis, ae f.
checklist index probationis, icis m. ES: lista de comprobación
click vt./vi. clic[c]are neo.; clic facere GUI, hardware IT: cliccare, ES: hacer clic, clicar, cliquear
right/middle/left click: dextra/media/laeva [clave] clica
client cliens, entis m.
clipboard latibulum, i n. GUI
codec codecum, i n. neo.
colorspace spatium colorum
column columna, ae f. GUI
command line linea iussi also: prompt
command iussum, i n.
compress vt. comprimere
compression compressio, onis f.
computer computator, oris m.; computatrum, i n. hardware
configure vt. ordinare GUI
connect != disconnect vt. conectere != disiungere; separare
connection conexus, us m.
console consol, is f. neo.
GUI computer terminal
content sarcina, ae f.
or a phrase using: capio, contineo ...
GUI of URL, archive
contextual GUI
continue v. continuare GUI to proceed
contrast vivacitas, atis f. graphics
copy vt. duplicare filesystem
countdown numeratio inversa, onis f.
crash casus, us m.
vi. corrŭo, is, rŭi, ĕre
crypt/decrypt vt. cryptare/decryptare neo. "per notas scribere" in Svetonio, Jul. Caes. 56
cursor cursor, oris m. GUI also: mouse pointer
cut/copy/paste vt. secare/duplicare/includere GUI
data data, orum n.
debug emendatio, onis f.; debug n. ind.
vt. emendare
default adj. praedesignatus; usitatus
definition resolutio, onis f. graphics
delete vt. delĕo, es, levi, letum, ēre
desktop scriptorium, i n. GUI
detail singulae res f. pl.; singula, orum, n. pl.
develop vt. delineare development i.e. design (see software design)
development: delineatio, onis f.
developer: delineator, oris m. neo.
device manager administrator apparatuum
device apparatus, us m. hardware
dialog dialogus, i m. GUI
directory/folder directorium, i n. neo.; theca [scriptoria], ae f. filesystem IT: cartella, ES: directorio
disk discus, i .m hardware
display ostenditor, oris m. neo.; vt. ostendo ES: visualizador
document documentum, i n.
domain dominium, ii n. net
downgrade vi. degredi; vt. gradu inferiore demittere FR: mise à niveau inférieur
download download ind.; [ex rete] deducta, orum n.
vt. [ex rete] deduco, is, duxi, ductum, ere; vt. [ex rete] extrahere
web IT: scaricare
drag/drop vt. trahere/demittere
draw vt. delineo, as, avi, atum, are GUI, graphics
driver gubernator, oris m. system
edit vt. mutare
editor programma editorium; editorium, i n.
effect effectum, i n. graphics
email cursus electronicus m.; litterae electronicae f. web
emoji / emoticon emoticum, i n; emoticon, onis n. neo.
enable != disable vt. iubeo, es, iussi, iussum, ere; permittere != vt. vetare
entry in log, dictionary: res, rei f.; versus, us m.
GUI: area scriptilis
environment ambiens, ambientis m. system
erase vt. eradere filesystem
event eventum, i n. system, GUI
executable exsequibilis, e (neo.?)
execute vt. exsequor, eris, exsecutus sum, exsequi; vt. pello, is, pepuli, pulsum, ere
vi. operari
a program; also: run
extension appendix, appendicis f.; additamentum, i n.
favorites praeposita, orum n. GUI
file plica, ae f. filesystem file system: plicarum systema, atis n.
file sharing: [plicarum] communio, onis f.
size: mensura, ae f.
hidden: occultus, a, um
creation date/time: dies/hora ortus
modification date/time: dies/hora modificationis
access date/time: dies/hora aditus
group/owner: circulus, i m./possessor, oris m.
fingerprint impressio digiti
firewall murus incendiarius net
flag vexillum, i n.
font typus, i m. GUI ES: tipo
bold: adj. negritus, a, um neo. (ES: negrita)
italic: adj. italicus, a, um
underlined: adj. sublineatus, a, um
striked-through: adj. barratus, a, um neo. (IT: barrato)
format structura, ae f.; vt. formare filesystem
field (e.g. input) locus, i m. GUI
gateway bivium portae, ii n. net
graphic agg. graphicus, a, um hardware card
grid craticula, ae f. GUI, graphics
group collectio, onis f.; collatio, onis f. NOT in filesystem context, see file istead
hardware hardware, is n. neo. (also ind.); apparatus [computatralia], us m. hardware
header praescriptio, onis f.
hexadecimal adj. sedecimalis, e
hibernate vi. hibernare hardware intransitive
host hospes, itis m. net CA: amfitrió
icon icon, onis f. GUI
identification agnitio, onis f.
ignore vt. neglego, is, lexi, lectum, ere
increase != decreasevt. amplificare != vt. minuere hardware, GUI e.g. audio volume, brightness
info informatio, onis f.
init initiatio, onis f.
input ingressus, us m.
install vt. institure; instruere
installation instructio, onis f.
installer [programma] instituens
interface interfacies, ei f. neo.
internet Interrete, is n.; Internexus, us m. web
interrupt interruptio, onis f. hardware
valid != invalid validus, a, um != mendosus, a, um e.g. password
kernel nucleus, i m.
key (USB disk) clavicula, ae f.; clavis memorialis hardware IT: chiavetta USB
key (of keyboard) clavis, is f. hardware
key (authentication) clavis, is f. net
keyboard claviatura, ae f. hardware
landscape ad libram horizontal (image)
laptop laptop n. ind. hardware
launcher iaculator, oris m. GUI
layout structura, ae f. GUI
library librarium, i n. development
link/hyperlink ligamen, inis n. web, filesystem
load vt. legere filesystem
locale configuratio regionalis system FR, ES
lock != unlock vt. occludere; figere (fix) != recludere GUI computer, screen
log [file] libellus, i m. ES: registro
login aditus, us m.; vi. inire [in computatorem/rete] system
logout vi. exire [a computatore/rete] system
look & feel sensus faciesque GUI
memory memoria, ae f. hardware
menu index, indicis m. GUI
metadata metadata, orum n. neo.
microcode microcodex, icis m. neo. hardware
microphone microphonum, i n. hardware
model specimen, inis n. hardware product model
modem modem, modemis n.; transmodulatrum, i n. hardware
monitor to control: inspectio, onis f.; vt. inspicere
display:monitorium, ii n.
mount != umount vt. colligo, as, avi, atum, are != vt. solvo, is, solvi, solutum, ere filesystem
mouse mus, muris m. hardware
movie, film pellicula, ae f. IT: pellicola
multimedia multimedia,orum n. neo.
mute vi. mūtesco, is, ĕre; vt. silentium [fieri] iubere
net/network rete, is n. net
netmask masca retis, ae. f net
num lock claves numerorum hardware
office officina, ae f. CA: oficina
ok - cancel ok/bene - interrumpe GUI standard dialog box
offline extra lineam web
online in linea; adv. conexo neo. web
option/settings optio, onis f. GUI
output egressus, us m.
overwrite vt. supra scribere filesystem
package fasciculus, i m.
panel tabula, ae f. GUI
partition partitio, onis f.; vt. partire hardware of disk
passphrase scriptum comprobationis
password tessera, ae f.
path iter, itineris n. filesystem
phone telephon[i]um, i n.
cell phone: cellulare, is n. neo.
pin != unpin vt. figere != vt. abscindere GUI
pipe tubus, i m. system FR: tube
pixel pixel, elis n. neo. GUI
play - pause - stop play: vt. reproducere neo.
pause: vr. interquiesco
stop: vt. supprimere
play: IT: riprodurre
playback reproductio, onis f. IT: riproduzione
player reproductor, oris m.
plugin insertum, i n.
pointer GUI
port portus, us m. net, hardware
portrait ad perepndiculum vertical (image)
power alimonia, ae f. hardware IT: alimentazione
preference praepositio, onis f. GUI
preview praevisum, i n. (from praevidere, neo.?) GUI
print impressio, onis f.; vt. imprimere hardware
printer typographum, i n; impressorium, i n. hardware
privacy privata, orum n. pl.
program programma, atis n.; vt. programmare
programming programmatura, ae f. development
provider praebitor, oris m.
proxy proxy, proxis n. neo. net CA: servidor intermediari
queue series (no gen. or dat.), em, e, f.
quit vt. linquere; relinquere; vi. abire
radio radiophonia, ae f. hardware
raise != lower vt. levare; tollo, is, sustuli, sublatum, ere != vt. demittere GUI window
random adj. fortuitus
redo vt. reficere
referer adj. anterior, oris web
refresh vt. renovare GUI
regular expression expressio regularis, onis f. (neo.?)
release editio, onis f.
remote login conexus remotus net
removable mobilis, e hardware device
remove vt. removĕo, es, movi, motum, ēre
rendering renditio, onis f. neo. graphics ES: renderización, FR: rendu photoréaliste
report relatio, onis f.
repository thesaurus, i m.
reset vt. [ad zerum] remittere FR: remise à zéro
resize vt. reformare
restart/reboot v. [computatorem] iterum accende hardware
restore vt. restituere
retry vt. retentare GUI
revert vi. reverti
root radix, icis f. filesystem
row linea, ae f. GUI
sample specimen, inis n. sample rate: ratio speciminum
sampling quantificatio, onis f. neo. analog to digital conversion
save vt. servare filesystem
scanner scansorium, i n. hardware
scanning scansio, onis f. hardware
screen scrinium, i m. hardware
screensaver scrinii servator, oris m. GUI
screenshot scrinium captum GUI ES: captura de pantalla
script scriptum, i n. extension language
scroll vt. volvere GUI ES: voluta
selected - unselected adj. designatus - indesignatus GUI
server moderatrum, i n.; serviens, entis n. hardware, net ES: servidor
service general: officium, ii n.
background process:daemon, onis m.
share opes communicatae (net share)
vt. communicare
net FR: partage de ressource
Shift [key] Maius[culi modi clavis] hardware
shortcut general use: via compendiaria, ae f.; hot key: clavis ardens
show != hide vt. ostendere != celare GUI
shutdown v. [computatorem] claudere/extinguere hardware
signal signum, i n. system
skip vt. neglegere
snapshot photographia systematis
socket socket, socketis n. neo. net
software software, is n. neo. (also ind.)
sort vt. digero, is, gessi, gestum, ere alphabetically: in litteram digerere
source code codex originis, icis m. development
spreadsheet tabula calculatoria
stack strues, is f. development
string stringa, ae f. neo.
support tolerantia, ae f.
vt. tolerare
suspend vt. [computatorem] suspendere hardware
status status, us m.
stream fluxus, us m. media, filesystem IT: flusso
surround [sound] [sonus] circumfundes hardware
symbol symbolum, i n.
syntax syntaxis, is, f.
system systema, atis n. system
tablet tabella, ae f. hardware ES: tableta, FR: tablette
tab lingula, ae f. GUI ES: lengüeta
tag pittacium, ii n.
task actio, onis f. also: process
taskbar: septum actionum
terminal terminale, is n. GUI also: shell
text mode litteris tantum GUI
thumbnails miniatura, ae f. GUI
theme thema, atis n. GUI
third-party tertia pars, partis f. 3rd-party source
warning: tertia pars = 1/3 also
temporary adj. caducus, a, um file, account
timer, timeout timer [out]: clepsydra [elapsa]
vi. senesco, is, senŭi, ĕre
connection, timer
timestamp sigillum horae, i n. IT: marca temporale
timezone zone horae system neo.?
toggle vt. alternare GUI
toolbar septum instrumentorum, i m. GUI
tooltip suggestus, us m. GUI
touchpad tabula tactilis, f. hardware FR: pavé tactile
trace vestigium, ii n. development
track tractus, us m. hardware CD/album track
transparency perspicuitas, atis f. graphics
trash purgamenta, orum n. GUI
tray [systematis] lanx, lancis f. GUI system tray
tutorial tutoralis, is m. neo.
type file type: genus, eris n.
on keyboard: vt. digitare neo.
filesystem, hardware IT: digitare
uncompress vt. expandere
undo vi. regredi
uninstall vt. destituere; destruere
unreachable invius, a, um net e.g. server
update/upgrade vt. novare; novatio, onis f.
upload upload ind.
vt. [ad rete] mittere
user utens, entis m.; usor, oris m. neo. IT: utente, FR: utilisateur
username nomen utentis
utilities utilia useful things
version versio, onis f.
video visio, onis f.
multimedia: videus, i m. neo.
e.g. video driver = gubernator visionis
view sight: expositio, onis f. GUI e.g. icon view (file manager)= iconibus expositio
viewer ostenditor, oris m. GUI
virtual adj. virtualis, e neo.
volume disk: volumen, inis n.
sound: magnitudo [soni], inis f.
wheel rota, ae f. hardware of mouse
website situs [interretialis], us m. web
window manager administrator fenestrarum, oris m. GUI
window fenestra, ae f. GUI minimize: [ad iconem] reduce
maximize: amplifica
unmaximize: restitue
wireless sine filis hardware
word verbum, i n. development (16-32 bit)
workspace laboris area, ae f. GUI
workstation statio laboris, onis f. hardware ES: estación de trabajo
yes - no sic - non GUI standard dialog box